Chat Commands

Welcome to an easy-to-navigate collection of my commands on Twitch!
Whether you have something in mind or just want to browse, I'm sure you'll find what you want here, and if not, feel free to suggest it in the discord!
Have fun causing chaos <3


!youtube - Displays YouTube Link
!twitter - Displays Twitter Link
!insta - Displays Instagram Link
!tiktok - Displays TikTok Link
!kofi - Displays KoFi Link
!vods - Displays Vod Channel Link

Need a quick way to find links to specific spaces on the internet? Use these commands or alternatively use the Twitch integrated redeems.
Can't wait to find you in my other spaces!


!perfect - A message for people who aren't able to provide monetary support
!support - A link to the support page on my website
!tip - Displays link to tip
!throne - Displays wishlist link
!kofi - Displays Ko-Fi link

If you aren't sure what available methods of support are there to help uplift my content, these commands will provide the link to different places where you can provide support for me.
Thank you in advance <3

Stream Info

!follows - Live follow count
!leaves - Explains what "Leaves" are and how you can use them
!trees - Displays how many trees we have planted as a community
!mods - Find all the links to my game mods
!boundaries - Displays a link to my boundaries
!watchtime - Displays how long you have watched my streams for
!followage - Displays how long you've been following for
!ztime - Displays Zannah's time
!tarot - I do tarot!

These commands are how you can find the stats of my Twitch channel including the stats specific to you!

Fun Commands

!lurk - For when you are going into lurks
!unlurk - For when you're back from lurks
!rigged - For when you feel hard done by
!squid - For when squids are attacking (Stardew)
!hug @[name] - Give another chatter a big hug!
!gamble [number/percentage] - Gamble your leaves away
!feed [optional number] - Feed Felix for a chance at getting leaves back
!tier - See my tier list for Stardew Valley NPCs
!shrug - Felix shrugs at you
!angel - Find out how much of an angel (or not) you are
!clap - Put claps in chat

We have games and silly fun in chat that you can join in with! I would love to see you having a laugh with me <3

Sub Only

!fk - Oh no
!love @[name] - What percentage do you love another chatter?
!pet - Pet Felix

These commands are only available if you subscribe to me/ I appreciate the support my subscribers give me so it always makes me happy to give back even in the little ways <3